August 7, 2009

You pass by everyday, next to beautiful objects, close or under them and you hardly ever notice them. Take a moment, take a breath, take a break and lift your chin up to the sky, look at what is above you. Is it the sky? Is it a bridge? Is it a plane at a distance? Is it a dark cloud or a fluffy one?



Shopping therapy

August 6, 2009

When things go hard on you, this is a well proven solution. Just hop into a shop, try “a few” clothes on and buy a couple (or not). SAMSUNG            See? You are feeling better already. Superficial treatment that also works well with mobile phones, gadgets and art. SAMSUNG


August 5, 2009

Eye gets used to images. You see something everyday and you never notice it unless something changes drastically. Like here, the cars are missing in this busy parking.


Art is a matter of age

August 2, 2009

Art is a matter of taste. Taste develops, evolves and changes with age. This is a circle. I promise you, this is a perfect circle with a perfect round shape. In different colours, blending into each other, following a frenzy rhythm of creation.

SAMSUNG            Think like you have never been taught the round shape neither the straight line. Think like a baby with a brain unable to co-ordinate the hands. Or better yet, don’t think at all. Just feel and express this on a white piece of paper. Just make sure you say: “This is a circle”

Sometimes you see better something when you don’t look at it. Like the beautiful color of the sky behind a palm tree. Purple.